Q3 2017 Newsletter

October 30, 2017   Hello friends, we hope this letter finds you well. We came across the picture below in reading an article on a legendary investor, Philip Carret. Following is an introduction to Mr. Carret, courtesy of Wikipedia: Philip Lord Carret (November 29, 1896 – May 28, 1998) was an investor and founder (in […]

Q2 2017 Newsletter

July 31, 2017   Dear friends, I hope that you are well and are enjoying the summer season. In this quarter’s update we bring you commentary on e-commerce (namely, Amazon.com), the “FAANG” stocks (we’ll explain later), and the oil and gas industry (specifically, Suncor Energy Inc., Imperial Oil Inc. and Exxon-Mobil Corp. – stocks that […]


October 24, 2016   Dear friends, In this quarter’s update, we offer commentary on Wells Fargo (a new holding for some of you), a case study on “disruption”, and the value of holding cash balances. But first, we are happy to announce that MacDonald’s Corp. recently announced a 6% increase in its quarterly dividend[1]. As […]

Q3 2015 Update

Dear friends, In our Q2 update, we hinted at the topic of discussion for Q3 – the rationale for buying out-of-favour investments. The common stocks that we have recommended to date were and remain rather unpopular. We purchased shares of these companies at times of uncertainty when the share price was depressed and sentiment was […]

Q2 2015 Update

Dear friends, Welcome to our Q2 update on our portfolio investments. We hope this note finds you well. This update for Q2 has two sections. First, an update on our existing stock investments. Please note that not all clients own each of the investments discussed in this update (i.e. our recommendations for each client are […]